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VGS are experts at providing results focussed and highly cost effective staffing solutions to Clients worldwide.

Helping organisations to achieve their talent acquisition and growth goals requires expertise in recruitment processes with exceptional candidate and supply partner reach all of which is married to a clear understanding of your business objectives.

Our unrelenting focus is to ensure excellent outcomes for Clients, Supply Partners and Candidates. We deliver a cost reduction service that binds Clients, Candidates, Partners and Processes into a seamless recruitment model.

Talent acquisition is the lifeblood of any organisation, it powers growth and impacts on business objectives. Our Clients achieve their goals by building and maintaining a resilient, process driven recruitment platform from which they can bring on board the best talent thereby gaining the competitive edge that is so vital in today's commercial environment.

The benefits of VGS Managed Services or VGS Direct Recruitment Services are not the sole preserve of large organisations, our TotalFlex recruitment solution for SME's provides companies with 250 staff or less the same cost effective, value added recruitment management solution that larger Clients enjoy.


For more information on Managed Services, our specialist Recruiting Service, our Consulting Services or TotalFlex for SMEs you can click on the relevant page or email us directly at david@vgs.co